Ashya released her third project, "Steez", on February 7, 2020. This EP encapsulates her journey of self discovery in Los Angeles. "Steez" is an important stepping stone in Ashya's career as she seeks to perfect her artistry and sound. She delivers a crisp and poignant 5 track EP which explores the different elements of her "Steez" that have shaped who she is as a person and an artist. Featured artists on "Steez" include vocalists Trophy, Clarence The Kid, and ASHBRWN, along with multi-Platinum producer Micah Street.

Ashya is an up-and-coming Korean American r&b singer and songwriter from Koreatown, Los Angeles. Her second mixtape, "Vibe", released August 16, 2019, expresses a different vibe on each song that she wants every listener to feel. With a chill West Coast sound and universal appeal, Ashya is ready to take on the responsiblities of an artist. The talented producers on "Vibe" are Ox The Moron, Jomo, Trophy, størm, and kawai.It, with vocal features by Anastazi, baller, and Dana. 

Ashya is just getting started in her career with the November 2018 release of her debut mixtape Expectations. The mixtape came out of emotions arising from facing the deepest and most complex expectations people had laid out for her. The songs were influenced by the desire to be fulfilled, to reach the peak of potential. With producers Ox The Moron, Jomo, Evince, Domino, and Lil Luca, and features by Ayekay, Trophy, and King Faro, Expectations marks the beginning of what should be a long musical journey.

“Red Kloud Society: Compilation Vol. 1” is the first full-length release by Red Kloud Society, a crew of mostly early 20s rappers, singers, and producers based out of Koreatown, Los Angeles who have been active since 2016. Rolling over 15 artists deep, Red Kloud Society is a new force in West Coast hip hop with its “beach wave” sound that mixes Cali rap flows and female pop vocals. Rappers on the mixtape include Ladell, Ayekay, Aileen, and Snow Leopard; singers include Ashya, Anna, Robin Taylor, and Jonnie Rose; while producers include KwakZ, Lil Luca, Evince, Dom x Wes, and YJ. Featured artists on the mixtape include Kato On The Track, Self Jupiter (Freestyle Fellowship), and Blu. With great music that represents a fresh style and new direction within West Coast hip hop, “Red Kloud Society: Compilation Vol. 1” paints a sonic portrait of a sunny and chill Los Angeles summer day at the beach.

Ashya's Singles


produced by Kato, MK, Deck
Masta Killa and Inspectah Deck of Wu Tang Clan team up with Dok2, The Quiett, and Keem Hyoeun of South Korea over a beat by Kato.
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